Barb Mort and Jim Jeselnick are honored with Woodruff Key Award


A Woodruff Key, or half-moon key, is a semicircular shaped, removable key that fits into a matching keyway cut into a shaft, leaving a protruding tab. The tab mates with a matching slot on a device mounted flush upon the shaft, e.g. a pulley, thus preventing the device from freely rotating about the shaft. It is widely used in machine tools and in the automotive industry. This type of key was developed by W.N. Woodruff of Connecticut, who was presented in 1888 with the John Scott Medal by the Franklin Institute for the invention. Jim and Barb were told that the notch in the center of the Rotary Club symbol is where the Woodruff Key is inserted.

At the District level, Jim is this year’s Membership Chair. In addition, Jim is also Chair of the Administrative Council which meets four times per year and which acts as an advisory group for the District Governor. At the club level, Jim helps to coordinate the Student of the Month program and participates in their fundraisers.

Barb currently serves as the Club’s Program Chair, in addition to providing support and encouragement to club officers concerning district and international activities.

This November, Barb will begin her 10th year as District 6540 Administrative Assistant, serving as an independent contractor for the District Administrative Council and working closely with the new District Governor. “Rotary has given me the opportunity to make thousands of friends in Northern Indiana and worldwide,” Barb says. She has attended five international conventions – Australia, Chicago, Copenhagen, Salt Lake City and Los Angles.

“Ten years ago I never would have dreamed of the gifts of the many friendships working for Rotary has given me. I have enjoyed the opportunities to travel worldwide and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many less fortunate while also encouraging others to do so.”

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