Park Superintendent Guest Speaker

Image and biographical information from Wikipedia

Bernie Doyle introduced our guest speaker, Costa Dillon.  Dillon is a career employee of the National Park Service and has worked in numerous national parks, including Gettysburg National Military Park. He is currently Superintendent of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. He is a recipient of the Stephen T. Mather award from the National Parks Conservation Association, the National Park Service Sequoia Award for outstanding contributions to park interpretation, and the Secretary of the Interior’s Award for Long-Term Achievement in Diversity.

Dillon is also known for creating the concept of Killer Tomatoes. It was made as a feature film, now famous, at a cost of less than $100,000. Finding a new audience as one of the first films to be available on VHS, the movie developed a cult following that led to three sequels, including Return of the Killer Tomatoes starring George Clooney.

Dillon informed the club that the National Lakeshore is currently reviewing its signage in an effort to decrease confusion.  Also to decrease confusion, the National Lakeshore is review site names and designations in an effort to make the full extent of the park known to visitors.  A few things you may not realize are part of the National Lakeshore are the State Park and the new Portage lake front park.

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