Caroline Shook – Housing Opportunities

Housing Opportunities

Caroline Shook, CEO of Housing Opportunities was our guest speaker on Tuesday, October 13, 2009.

Housing Opportunities is a Porter County nonprofit dedicated to helping the homeless in Porter County and member of the Porter County United Way. Over the last year, the number of foreclosures in Porter County has dramatically increased and 9.1% of our residents live in poverty.    Housing Opportunities helps these people by offering relocation assistance, foreclosure counseling, and permanent housing solutions. In the month of September, Housing Opportunities assisted 296 families. The organization currently has 38 units available for housing family units. The housing of individual families is seen as important function of Housing Opportunities. They believe that group/dormitory housing is not as ideal as being able to assign one family to one home. The daily routine and the return to normal are helped by these families not having to live in a group setting.

As part of participating in Housing Opportunities, the families are requested to begin a savings program and to volunteer for community activities. This is part of the Housing Opportunities desire to serve the family as a whole.

For those interested, Housing Opportunities offers NAP credits for any amount above $100.   NAP credits are also available from The Caring Place.

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